1966 GT40 Mk I       


Livery paying homage to Gulf chassis 1076 at 1969 LeMans


Brand: Race Car Replicas

Chassis: Aluminum Semi Monocoque

Configuration: Right Hand Drive

Suspension components: Billet Aluminum

Drivetrain: Vintage 289, ZF transaxle & Webers

click on the above picture to see a video of that lap in photo


Vintage Block Info:

- Vintage 289CID, bored 0.030" (306CID")

- Engine block 1966 casting part  No. C6AE-6015-C

Engine Info:

Dyno tuned to 302 HP at the wheels & 316 ft/lb torque (~375 HP at flywheel)






Click picture below of dyno pull to hear it scream......


Chassis Info:


Semi-monocoque chassis cleaned, prepped and coated with truck bed liner coating for sound deadening


100% Aluminum semi-monocoque chassis.                         "V" the local shop helper, puttin in a little time for a mock drivetrain assembly


Final Drivetrain fitment




Custom made slip yoke - U joint drive shafts..nice vintage look.

Spent a bit of time hunting through the Spicer catalog to find necessary pieces.

Max rebound (dropped suspension) with such short shafts was the big challenge,

as the angle was bottoming out the range of joint articulation.

Meticulously created wiring harnesses


Safety Equipment:

Full roll cage



Safecraft fire supression system, with both cabin and engine bay feeds.


Comfort features:

Decided to fabricate an AC system...                       Needed to make a vent plenum for under the dash


So made a wood mold, and layed mat glass to make the vent system.

Here is the final product set in place.


Fabricated a set of brackets to mount the compressor



Body & Paint:

Panel prep work ongoing....


Wheel well flare prep and fitment


Flare shaped and fitted with initial glass bonding completed


Reinforced resin layer.                                               Final filler layer completed.


Finished product


Now the rockers needed to be flared to match the rear wheel arches.  To do this, I created the desired shapes

using air drying modeling clay, glued plastic bag material to the clay to act as a release agent, and wrapped

the molds in mat fiber glass.


                Initial fitment                                                      Installation: bonded and filler started


Finished product


All painted and ready for assembly


Original style Dzus body fasteners and lights

Fabricated a radiator protector screen (not shown above)

Labor intensive utilization of hard lines throughout the build.

No cost or effort spared in the process of the build.

Car weighs in at 2450 lbs. Well balanced at 44% front / 56% rear.

( 8.11 lbs per H.P. )

Stripes were painstakingly painted next to primary body color.

This provided a smooth as glass finish, with no rise resulting from material build.

Engine Bay:


QA1 Shocks, Front and Rear Sway Bars, 6061 Aluminum Uprights and Control Arms,

Engine Oil Cooler, Universal Joint Style Axle Shafts, Stainless Steel Exhaust,

Most Steel Components Electroplated Silver (incl. roll cage & suspension components)








Click image below for a walk around.....

ZF Transmission:

Pantera gear box stripped, drilled for new oiling passages, ring gear flipped

With the ring gear flipped, the case was installed update down.

(or ....one could say back to original configuration ...i.e. GT40 spec)


Arrows indicate new oil passages which were drilled.


Safety wired crown wheel (ring gear)


Box reassembly....


Hartwell style latches

Original style side windows and hardware.

Wing windows, full side windows and door assemblies are all easily removable.

Click on the below image to see a video of the door mechanisms in operation.



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