1969 Mustang Mach I SCJ          

Super Cobra Jet

Original marketing pic, looks like it was taken on the Dearborn test track.

I always found it humurous that there are GT hub caps on this Mach I .. oops... :-)


Original..unrestored condition

Marti documented and a 1 of 1 config

428 SCJ, Auto trans, 4.30 gears, Fold down, PS/PB, painted in a very uncommon "New Lime" with blacked out hood (code 2 5)

Here she is... as she arrived in my driveway













Trunk floors and drop offs are solid original metal.                                                          Rear quarter panels are solid original metal.




Aside from some critters having made homes in them....the frames and torque boxes look fantastic


30 spline, Nodular case 4.30:1 gear set still in place.  Yahoo.....!!!


Bottoms of doors look great.                                                                                    Even got the original keys


Step one...thorough cleaning....  Can't help but wonder how long it's been since she's had a bath.


Then...try and buff off a couple of decades of funk.


There's still some shine there.  Paint is sooooper thin though.                                         Chrome is shining up nicely.                      



Engine oil cooler with horn relocation..!                                                                                                          


Found some Cali registrations from early 70s under drivers seat.  And....found the driver's side build sheet still in place.


Well....if the driver's side was there....was eager to try my luck on the passenger's side............and hit gold.


Unfortunately the years have paid a toll.  Not too legible, but still readable when held up to light.








Lemans cap screw connecting rods and large harmonic balancer confirmed.                 Date code of block is 9B28 (1969 Feb 28th)               


Marti documented and a 1 of 1 config

428 SCJ, Auto trans, 4.30 gears, Fold down, PS/PB

TBD decision at this point whether to restore or preserve....????


Marti Report